Wednesday, December 15, 2004


... happy La Shawn? And I've got an email address up too! Clink on the title link to find out why I did this.

UPDATE (12 June 2006): things have changed and I needed to update this. Old stuff is struck out; new stuff is in blue.

John Gillmartin's the name; bloggin's my game! I've been a pastor for 26 years, the past last 13 at First Baptist Church. I am currently Pastor of San Carlos Community Church located in the beautiful fishing/resort community of San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, a wonderful eclectic group of norteamericanos from about 12 different denominations.

Prior to that I was a fairly successful pagan and heathen; I was also a junior executive in Silicon Valley's electronics industry ... twenty years all toll. All that got me was a dibilitating case of alcohol addiction, which the Lord miraculously cured me of.

I was an empty, shallow man with more sins than sense.

I have an MBA and an MDiv and enough undergrad units for two bachelor's degrees. I guess you could say I'm full of BS.

I was born in Hutchinson, KS, too long ago to remember; I was raised in Iowa. I love plains states people but can't stand all their smoking, so I live in California where I'm choking on liberalism but my clothes smell better.

I am the happily married husband of Rita (a descendent of "Sooners," born in Idaho), who picked me up at Disneyland ... it's a long story! Let's just say I was in Seminary at the time and in a weakened condition.

I am also the father of six:
  • three boys by Rita's former marriage (we were both saved by the LORD after divorces) - Jay [36; small businessman, married to Maiella and the proud parents of Lloryl (3), Shane (2) & Noah (5 months)]; Justin [28; Missouri State Trooper, married to Amanda, the proud parents of Chase (2) & Conner (six weeks)]; Jared [26; single, wanna be fireman/Paramedic, now an EMT ambulance driver, reserve Sheriff, 3rd year college student]
  • three girls; two biological - Jennifer [21; single, wannabe web designer (Anemie Most Wanted - check it out she's available)] and Jamie [19; promised to but not yet approved for George, a junior at UCSB, soon to be a high school math and Spanish teacher], and one adopted young lady, Naomi [11; came to us at six months out of an emergency foster care situation, soccer star and daddy's little girl] ... believers in the Lord Jesus Christ every one! My quiver is mighty full!
I started blogging in December of 2004 for two reasons: first, I needed a venue to be heard, blogging is perfect for that; second, an eight year old free e-mail ministry to about 5,000 subscribers in over 115 countries was becoming too much for me, so I morphed it into The SHEEP'S CRIB - Illustrations and The SHEEP'S CRIB - Sermons. But The SHEEP'S CRIB - Issues was kind of an after thought.

One of the highlights of my life has been to meet all the truly great fellow travelers on the Internet ... bless them every one!

HE ALONE IS WORTHY - and I give him all the honor and glory this unworthy creature can muster up!

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