Monday, January 31, 2005

AUSSIE CATHOLICS - Celibacy on its way out?

I can't understand why spiritual leaders thoroughout the world continually try to adapt to the effects of a problem rather than attack the cause of the problem.

Patrick Goodenough, International editor for, reports on a debate in the Australian Catholic church. Evidently the NCP (National Council of Priests) believes declines in the number of applicants to the priesthood would be reversed by doing away with celebacy.

The article mentions the welcome given married Anglican priests during the '90s, who converted to Catholicism rather than being embroiled in a "liberalizing trend" within the Roman body ... specifically ordination of women bishops. Now they are expecting more to disaffect due to the move to ordain homosexuals.

In my opinion, this liberalizing trend is rooted in secularism, whose tenacles have snaked their way into the Catholic body ... secularism is rooted in sin.

Read more ... here. [Thx to Relgion Today for the link]

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