Thursday, January 27, 2005

COLORADO - Colo-ready!

Family News In Focus is actively fighting a Colorado bill that would dramatically change the current "discrimination law" in the Rocky Mountain state.

Advocates of special rights for homosexuals have been diligently lobbying the Colorado Legislature to get a law in place that provides special protection to gay, lesbian and transgendered people. Senate Bill 28, known as the employment nondiscrimination bill, seeks to radically alter the workplace — and could even affect your child's school.The Colorado Senate will soon vote on SB 28, which would add "sexual orientation" and "gender variance" to an existing state discrimination law —and prevent discrimination in hiring, firing, promotion, demotion and compensation based on the sexual orientation or gender variance of the employee or applicant.

Religious organizations and associations are exempted from the provisions of this bill, but only if they do not receive any public funding. Clearly, the ramifications of such a proposal are far-reaching: Men dressed as women could be teaching at your child's public school and religious organizations participating in President Bush's faith-based initiative could be at risk through their receipt of public funds.What isn't addressed is the evidence that sexual orientation is not immutable and innate — as this bill assumes.

If you live in Colorado, please immediately contact your state senators and politely let them know you oppose SB 28. You can find contact information

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  1. They never stop, do they? I'm glad I decided long ago not to have children. To send them to school in this day and age? Makes me shudder.