Friday, January 21, 2005

COURT VICTORIES - One, two, three (update)

Traditional marriage and family strengthened by this week's decisions:
Tuesday - constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman; Louisiana, State Supreme Court; decision codifies the issue into the State's constitution, appealable at the federal level.

- DOMA declared constituional; Florida, Federal Court; Florida not required to recognize unions performed in other states, can go to federal appeal - KEY QUOTE: trial judge James Moody said "adopting the plaintiff's rigid and literal interpretation of the Constitution's full faith and credit clause would 'create a license for a single state to create national policy.'" (Finally, a wise man on the bench.)

- defense of marriage legislation constitutional; Indiana, unanimous, State Court of Appeals; Indiana not required to recognize homosexual marriages, not even those preformed in Massachusetts, appealable - KEY QUOTE: "the proper forum for the plaintiffs to bring the issue up is the state's General Assembly, not the courts." (Yahoo, a court that knows its place.)

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