Sunday, January 23, 2005

IRAQI ELECTIONS - The Iraqi people & the USA united!

Also via RealClear Politics ...

Thomas L. Friedman, NY Times columnist, in his Op Ed piece ("Divided We Stand"), discusses the divided west and makes this analysis of a comment by Condilezza Rice at her confirmation hearings ...
And at this key juncture the West stands disunited. Condi Rice told the Senate
that the "time for diplomacy is now." Give me a break. The time for diplomacy
was two years ago. We would be so much better off now if the entire European
Union was actively urging Iraqis to vote, and using its own moral legitimacy in
the Arab world to delegitimize the insurgents. The divided West is a real

Forgive me but her comment is a challenge to the EU to get involved now before they are humiliated by the impending success of the Iraqi elections. Don't get me wrong, it's not going to be easy, there will be terror events, and there will be election screwups ... but success is just a week away.


  1. Just one question: The European Union has "moral legitimacy"?
    That's highly debateable.

  2. Maybe in a former life but not in this one.