Thursday, January 27, 2005

SALVATION ARMY - Reason to be thankful!

The Wichita Eagle reports ...

Even with no Target, the Salvation Army hit a bull's-eye with its holiday collections. The charity reports that its red kettle campaign generated at least $94.4 million in nationwide donations, a record amount.

The Salvation Army is attributing the success, in part, to attention gained when Target banned its bell ringers, said the charity's national spokeswoman, Theresa Whitfield.

Perhaps the Army owes a vote of thanks to bloggers who followed Hugh Hewitt's lead in an open challenge to Target just prior to the Christmas holiday.

POST SCRIPT: The Eagle went on to report ...
And Target, which was criticized for the kettle ban, made out OK, too. Its December sales jumped 5.1 percent compared with 2003, a bigger boost than Target's major department store competitors. Wal-Mart's sales, for example, went up 3 percent.

Thanks to Topix.Net for the link.

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