Monday, January 31, 2005

TONY BLAIR - Out of his mind!

The Scotsman.Com reports ...

'Blair' doodles drawn by billionaire

A Sheet of doodles that sparked a debate on the state of Tony Blair’s mind was actually created by the Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates, it was revealed yesterday.

The scribbled notes were found on the Prime Minister’s desk following last week’s International Economic Forum in Switzerland, where Mr Blair appeared alongside Mr Gates and the U2 singer Bono. Handwriting experts and psychologists, who were drafted in at short notice, drooled over what the notes, squares, circles and jottings revealed about his personality.

Graphologist Emma Bache concluded Mr Blair was "slightly out of control, very frustrated and stressed", and that the doodles suggested "more than a hint of megalomania". And a psychologist, Elaine Quigley, said the notes showed that Mr Blair was "struggling to concentrate and his mind is going everywhere".
However, Number 10 Downing Street reveald the notes were actually made by Bill Gates of Microsoft.

So who could be surprised? Anyone that can create one of the largest public corporations in history, out of thin air, has to be nuts (or a genius).

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