Thursday, January 20, 2005

USA & UK - Still joined at the top!

The British newsblog at Guardian Unlimited reveals Blair is still a staunch supporter of Bush and his policies.

Sitting in his white and blue study at the back of 10 Downing Street, a tired-looking Tony Blair still manages to radiate optimism about the second term of George Bush. There has, he says, been a clear "evolution" of American policy. The prime minister has witnessed this in successive conversations with thepresident.

"Evolution comes from experience." In a learning process that started with
Afghanistan, the administration has come to understand that "in the end, we can take security and military measures against terrorism but ... the best prospect of peaceful coexistence lies in the spread of democracy and human rights".

See the rest through the links above (UPDATE: the links were not direct; I fixed them).


  1. You might want to change that link that "Guardian Unlimited" points to. It's not very complimentary of our president. The headline works, but the one you include in the post in the first sentence, not good:(

  2. Thanks for the heads up Biker, preciate it!