Saturday, February 19, 2005

ARKANSAS - Watch those jokes about Arkys!

On Friday, the Arkansas House voted against a resloution affirming "the separation of church and state." The measure was proposed by a legislator who was fed up with the religious tone at the state Capitol. The vote was 44-39 in oppostion to the proposal.

Democratic Rep. Buddy Blair said he offered the resolution because he was tired of conservative colleagues "making every issue into a religious issue."

Could it be that Representative Blair and 38 others didn't really understand the doctrine? Could it be that 44 of his peers are tired of liberal colleagues making every issue a secular issue? Say what?

Arkansan legislators have offered bills in this session to
  1. keep gay people from adopting or serving as foster parents
  2. define marriage in school textbooks as a one-man, one-woman union
  3. require minors to get a parent's permission before an abortion
  4. and offer "In God We Trust" license plates.
All I can say is, "Go, Arkys!"

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