Monday, February 14, 2005

CATHOLICS SLAMMED - Lame Duck Chair is a fool!

NewsMax.Com reports ...

Press reports say Terry McAuliffe's speech to party faithful in Washington, D.C., Thursday night was a real yawner. But the audience's bored expressions soon turned to winces of concern when the soon-to-be-retired Democratic chairman veered away from his morale-boosting message and began to attack the Catholic Church. "I was very dismayed at the Catholic Church in last year's election," McAuliffe told the crowd, which had gathered to give him a grand send-off. "The way they went into their pulpits and told people it was a sin to vote for John Kerry was nothing short of just outrageous."

For those who are aware of the foundational principles supporting the Catholic position, McAuliffe's remarks are no surprise ... he has no principles.

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