Sunday, February 13, 2005

CHILDREN'S VACCINES - Beware the Merckie kind!

From NewsMax.Com (registration required) ...

It has now come to light that major drug manufacturer Merck knew about dangerous levels of mercury in some of its vaccines nearly a decade before publicly
acknowledging it. So says a company memo recently acquired by the Los Angeles Times.

The missive - penned in 1991 by world-renowned vaccinologist Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who was then a Merck employee - voiced concern shared by doctors around the world that certain Merck-produced children's vaccines contained an astounding 87 times the daily allowance of mercury recommended by the FDA.

I don't know the impact of this, in general, but perhaps someone reading this has kids who used the vaccines and might be helped by the knowledge. Once again the information did not include dosage or frequency figures to help the readers assess the urgency.

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