Saturday, February 12, 2005

EASONGATE - A requiem!

I purposefully haven't blogged on Easongate because it was outside the margins of this blog's intended purpose ... things touching on a conservative and evangelical world-view. But it's back inside the margins now.

As a child, one of the very first ethical lessons I remember was from a quote out of Scott's Marmion ... "Oh the tangeled webs we weave, when first we practice to decieve." It's that lesson which rises to the surface of my thoughts on Easongate, Rathergate, et al.

Long ago God warned the world to stay clear of those whose tongues were filled with falsehood. [Proverbs 12:19]

Those without core values or whose core has become encased in calloused disregard for values have, after decades of professional inbreeding and engratiating mutual admiration, surreptitiously risen to a level of success where their lack of a core can be clearly seen. For decades the American public has been frustrated by its inability to address this lack of a core in leading public figures. Now, enters the blogosphere ... and I really believe you haven't seen anything yet.
For a brief easy to digest history of Easongate go to Michelle Malkin's blog,

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