Wednesday, February 02, 2005

GAY MARRIAGE - National marriage legislation revealed!

Gay marriage opponents in the U. S. (especially bloggers) must be on their guard against the trash legislation originating above their northern border.

Today, Xinhuanet was apparently first to reveal Canada's minority liberal government unveiled draft national legislation to permit gay marriage in all 10 provinces.

Prime Minister Paul Martin says Ottawa had to act, after courts in seven of the country's 10 provinces ruled in favor of same-sex marriages.

To do nothing, he argued, would mean gays and lesbians were being discriminated against in the remaining three provinces.

If the bill is approved Canada would become the third country in the world, after Belgium and Holland, to permit same sex marriages.

Reuters Canada adds ...

About three dozen Liberal lawmakers say they will vote against the bill when it is presented to Parliament -- most likely in the next four months -- and there is no guarantee the legislation will pass.

Trouble is brewing in Newfoundland though ...

As the federal government debates legislation that would legalize gay marriage across the country, several Newfoundland marriage commissioners have resigned their posts rather than perform same-sex ceremonies.

ON THE RECORD: this is a fungus among us.

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