Thursday, February 24, 2005

KIWI IGNORANCE - NZ talk radio host bashes church!

New Zealand's Radio Pacific talk show host, Michael Laws, had an on air discussion of the Exclusive Brethren (considered by some as a cult or a pseudo-Christian group descended from John Darby's beginnings) and religious cults ... only the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA), the island nation's FCC, didn't like what they heard. Fines were levied.

Laws, mayor of a local community, had alleged Exclusive Brethren members were "mad, ignorant, bad neighbors, and probable child abusers who should be bred out of the human race." One caller suggested Exclusive Brethren members "even (commit) incest", and used the Bible to justified it.

Considering the natural beauty of New Zealand, if this is their idea of persecution of the saints, I might be willing to be called some names in order to live there! Pack the bags honey!

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