Saturday, February 05, 2005

LA COUNTY DUMPS SEALS - Coverup fails!

Los Angeles County Supervisors spent $4,000 dollars to create their own personal versions of the now infamous county seals with the image of the Los Angeles Mission ... cross included. Then, under threat of suit, the cowards, who don't really "represent" their constituency, caved into the ACLU (Awfully Crappy Legal Union) and spent another $1,800 to have special plastic decals designed to cover the offensive cross.

What is the latest? They've put the seals, crosses, and cross pasties in storage, for a net loss of $5,800 ... why? Because, even with the cover up, the crosses continued to shine through.

Isn't that a rip?

[Thanks to the La Verne Community News, February 2005 (a throw away) for the details.]

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