Monday, February 28, 2005

MSM, THE LEFT & REVIVAL - Meditate on this!

After reading dozens of stories each morning, and many more during the day, and listening to the left's whining about "Jesusland" and the godless whining about the advances of those who believe in an authority higher than themselves ... I'm left to wonder ... what in the world would they do if a true revival broke our in our land.

You know, one like the Great Awakening, or the Welsh revivals in Europe, or even like Azusa Street in California?

Oh, they'd rupture a seam if that happened. The editorial pages of most newspapers would save on ink then. And the broadcast and cable folks? Well, they could run more commercials. There just wouldn't be much for them to report on, you know?

(ht: biblemike for spurring the thought)

UPDATE: tile correction 1 March 2005

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