Wednesday, February 16, 2005


The Sacramento Bee's Fahizah Alim asks rhetorically - "What's behind pop culture's raunchy images of African American women?"

I'd like to know the same thing?

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  1. Its quite simple. Satan proclaimed that he would attack God servants on the path of righteousness.He also proclaimed that he would attack on many different levels to prove to God that his creation was a mistake.He was given permission to prove his claim,with a warning"For any that follows you , surely I will fill the hell fire with you and all that follows you". Through the annuals of time African Cultured Individuals for the most part was raised to revere their lord.As well as possessing strong community ties.Hence the proverb " It takes a community to raise a child" African Cultured People on a wide scale have fallen prey to Socialism,illuminism,materialism, individualism...and many other isms and scism. All of these are tools of the art work of saton.As a believer we cant allow ourself to become fixated on the depletion of the moral decay of African Cultured Wemon.We can only pray for them and thank god that we are selfs have not fallen prey to satons handiwork.