Wednesday, February 23, 2005

TERRI SCHIAVO - God gives two day delay!

In our prayers for Terri and her family most of us have given our word we would give God the glory for any answered prayer ... not the judge, not the attorneys, not the bloggers, not the behind-the-scenes supporters, not the prayer warriors ... God!

And so, Father, we stop for a moment to thank You for this two day delay and for the extra hours of labor we now have to help save the life of an innocent woman. Forgive us Lord that we cannot save the lives of little ones who will be slaughtered in child-slaughterhouses today.

Judge Greer may think it was his bench that proffered the delay ... it was not! There is a higher bar than any bar in this world, and it was that bench that granted this delay. Thank You Your Honor!

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