Friday, February 25, 2005

TERRI SCHIAVO - Protest at Judge's church!

This is not a helpful idea! And it wouldn't be the first time Randall Terry has had a bad idea.

Terry, president of the Society for Truth and Justice has called for a protest rally at Judge George Greer's church while the fellowship is at worship. He is quoted as saying ...

"We are asking that Calvary Baptist Church takes the appropriate disciplinary action in regard to their member, Judge George Greer, for his part in pursuing the starvation of Terri Schindler Schiavo."

I can understand those with a godless world-view protesting while believers are humbling themselves before God in spirit and in truth, but other believers? Come on!

Sunday morning services, more than any other scheduled service is set aside to worship God, not be destracted by those with an agenda, no matter how righteous that agenda may seem.

Look, the world doesn't understand Christians in the first place, how will they ever understand church polity? And if Terry wouldn't submit to his own church's discipline who is he to tell Judge Greer to submit to his?

More can be done for Terri by Judge Greer's church on its knees in those two hours than all the rallies in the world. Why isn't Terry calling on Greer and his church to get on their knees?

Sure we are trying to stop a white-collar murder here, but let's use our heads and our hearts, not our juices.

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