Friday, March 18, 2005

CHRISTIAN BIGOTRY - The subtle hate shines through!

James Taranto's "Best of the Web" from the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal, once again provides fodder for a post ... here's an excellent example of the subtle Christian bigotry often found in "blue-state" minds today ...
The inspiring story of Ashley Smith, the Georgia woman who talked murderer Brian Nichols into turning himself in to police, has Jill Porter in a cranky mood. Porter, a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News (Reg. Req'd), admires Smith but doesn't see why she had to bring religion into it:

The story of Ashley Smith . . . is a riveting tale of grace and humanity. Would that it had remained just that. Instead, it's become a testimonial for an evangelical Christian book and an endorsement of the theology embraced in the book -- and that leaves me feeling alienated from what should be an inspiring tale of human transcendence. ...

Suddenly, the near miracle that occurred in Smith's apartment because of her calm and compassion is infused with the rhetoric of Christian evangelism. And suddenly, those of us who are wary of the increasing influence born-again Christians have on our political and cultural life feel a regrettable discomfort with this wonderful story. ...

The universality of Smith's appeal is being compromised by the religious propaganda that seems to infuse the story more and more. ... But Ashley Smith ought to remain a hero to us all -- and not be reduced to a shill for a book or a symbol of the righteousness of evangelical Christianity.

You just have to feel sorry for Jill Porter. Why should other people's religious beliefs threaten her so? Why can't secularists just live and let live and be comfortable with who they are?
Taranto suggests if Ms. Porter wants to see weirdos, she should go to a Trekkie convention. I suggest she do a little research on her subjects before she puts fingers to keyboard. If the same were written about an African-American all h___ would break out.

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