Thursday, March 03, 2005

CHRISTIAN CIVIL RIGHTS - No level playing field.

Would a CBS TV affiliate suspend a black or Muslim reporter for sharing a testimony about their everyday life? I don't think so!

But that is exactly what was reported this morning in an Agape Press report ...
A television reporter in Memphis, Tennessee, is paying a price for talking openly about his Christian beliefs. Associated Press reports that Andy Wise, a reporter at CBS TV affiliate WREG, was suspended from his job at the station after he allowed an e-mail message about his Christian faith to be posted on an Internet site run by a fellow reporter.

In the e-mail message, Wise wrote about a woman he interviewed for a story and noted, "Because it was clear to me that God had arranged this meeting with Claudine for a bigger purpose, I felt compelled to give Him the glory on television. And I was prepared to share my faith in the context of Claudine's story, no matter what kind of persecution I would receive from my employer, my colleagues, my friends, the television industry, or my viewers. I simply obeyed God." ... The Commercial Appeal newspaper reports that Wise's biography, posted on WREG's website, has changed in recent weeks. The portion in which he mentioned serving Jesus Christ and references to some of his favorite Bible verses have been removed.
Andy, I might not have gone as far as you in your testimony, but, regardless, call Johnny or Mark or Jeff and sue their unholy socks off!

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