Wednesday, March 16, 2005

CONDUMS & CARTOONS - To your house, prime time!

American Family Association is reporting ...

CBS and ABC have said they are seriously considering airing condom ads during prime time and daytime television. NBC and Fox and other networks will follow their lead.

The condom companies say their purpose in airing their ads is to help stop the spread of disease. So, why do their ads promote products like “Warm Sensations” and “Twisted Pleasure”? Don’t be fooled by their double-speak.

Look folks, we're becoming surrounded here ... the evil one is at work in our schools, our courts, our legislative houses, our marriages, our health care, our "golden years," our child bearing, our entertainment, and now ... again ... he wants our homes and our children.

If this is not the end-times threshold, I don't want to be alive when it is.

Will we be the proverbial frogs in the kettle? Heck we can't even raise up a good television boycott ... and yet believers and conservatives are theoretically over 65% of the adult population.

Let's start something ... anything, just don't sit there! Let's support the recall of a few judges or shut down one of the broadcast networks.

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