Tuesday, March 08, 2005

KINGDOM BLOGS - Around the Sphere Today! (3/8/05)

Periodic post of things I've read and like in the Kingdom part of the blogosphere (updated as I go) ...

From the pulpit ...

Young seminarian (preacher to be?) who understands the need for authentic proclamation; read his exhortation not to water down the Good News. So young, and so many battles ahead ... I envy him. Drop in and enocourage him to do more GodBlogging.

BlogCorner Preacher ...

John Luke takes on the Washington Post's Richard Cohen for his chastisment of Justice Anton Scalia for comments at the Ten Commandments hearing before the Supremes.

I didn't read Cohen's piece with the same understanding as John Luke, nor did I see Scalia meaning what Cohen said he meant. If anything I see Cohen as complimanting Justice Scalia.

Read the two for yourself.

Herein is the material of a blogswarm ... Michael asks the question, "Should women be assigned to the position of elder in the church?"

Someone I don't know and have never met has posted my Myers-Briggs Personality Type without my knowledge or approval ... how dare him! Okay, so go find out who I really am.
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