Tuesday, March 15, 2005

LEBANON'S REBIRTH - Democracy blooms in oppression's soil!

We've (my church) provided facilities for an ethnic Lebanese Christian fellowship for a couple of years now ... you can't imagine the joy of hearing them sing "How Great Thou Art" in Arabic.

I asked Pastor Raymond Massad's wife if she had spoken to her family and friends in Lebanon recently and she said, "everyone is happy; all the people on the roads all over Lebanon ... they are happy."

I asked if it was dangerous for them and she said, "No! It is not dangerous. There are too many!"

I'm hoping to hear from Pastor Raymond today and get more news. But on the surface, considering the announcement this morning about Syria's UN timetable for withdrawal, it does look good for the people of the country.

My prayer is for God to guide them in the selection of decent and unselfish new leadership.

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