Wednesday, March 09, 2005

PRO-LIFE VICTORY - Univ. of Texas turnaround!

We need credit those who oppose our world-view yet do the right thing .... as well as count our victories when we get them ...

In a dramatic about-face, the University of Texas at San Antonio has agreed to no longer censor the expression of a student pro-life group on campus.

University officials had previously ignored a request from the group "Students for Life" to reserve facilities for an outdoor exhibit. The "Justice for All" exhibit features graphic photos of aborted children, as well as pictures showing the development of the unborn child from conception through birth and afterwards.

After the Alliance Defense Fund threatened to sue UTSA over it discrimination, the university had a change of heart. ADF chief counsel Ben Bull says the pro-life group was being treated unfairly because of its message.

From AgapePress ... as much as I hate the pictures of those murdered children, there is nothing more silencing when it comes to those who oppose the pro-life message.

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