Thursday, March 17, 2005

SPECTER REJECTED - Chairman Specter's eye opener!

RightMarch.Com put out a call to defeat MoveOn.Org and the liberal-left in the Senate in their efforts to stop President Bush's conservative federal judge nominations.

But after listening to Rush Limbaugh's interview with a writer from National Review Online this morning, I'm more inclined to let the Sons-of-Baal have more rope so they'll hang themselves.

In the interview it was revealed that Sen. Blahbra Boxer (D-Cal) addressed Sen. Leahee-hee (D-Vt) as "my chairman," meaning that she did not accept Sen. R'lying Spectacle (R-Pa) as her chairman.

As was pointed out in the interview, by Rush and NRO, this is a finger-in-the-eye for Spectacle since he's spent his entire career on the other side of the aisle schmoozing with the opposition, believing in a kind of senatorial d├ętente.

Serves them all right, they're all a bunch of gutless wonders ... and the people are worse off for all of it!

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