Monday, April 25, 2005

ALLIANCE CLAMBAKE - Filibuster roundup!

Blogger spoiled the clams with their new "recover post" option ... sorry ... click on the Alliance link below ... the aggregator there will weave you around the landscape pretty well.

In an effort to keep the filibuster before my readers, I'll maintain this link roll of SoCal Alliance bloggers' posts on the subject (most recent first) ...

Blogotional ...

Justice Sunday And The Filibuster - The Day After
Filibuster Philandering...Sunday Goodies
More On The Judiciary and The Filibuster
Filibuster Follies
Weebles Still Wobble On The Filibuster
Judicial Nominees and Filibuster Reading
Slow Sunday On The Filibuster
Filibuster Falicies
Filibuster Busting For Today
Filibuster Busting around the Alliance
Preserving the Filibuster ...
Post Schiavo Fixes

By Dawn's Early Light ...

Cheat Seeking Missiles ...

Theocracy "Scare" Unwarranted
Reid Fails To Explain Dem Stand

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