Saturday, October 22, 2005


... say Anglican members who seek repentance and a return to traditional faith and practice.
It is generally agreed that of all Anglican Provinces the Episcopal Church USA has advanced the most in the incorporation of innovations into its constitution, canons, formularies, worship, doctrine, discipline, practice and common life. And it is generally agreed that many of these innovations represent a major change of what was the case and situation previously.

From the perspective of the historic, classical and biblical Anglican Way, the ECUSA as an institution, along with many of its dioceses and parishes, is apostate, in that it has knowingly and deliberately departed from the Faith and Morality, the Worship and Order, that it was committed to, previous to the late 1960s. Within its membership are those, regrettably but a minority, who protest at this apostasy and who desire this Church to engage in a spiritual and moral U-turn.
Good for you, those who desire a return to the historic Anglican Communion.

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