Monday, October 17, 2005


Stone Family Grave Marker... Florida Everglades following ravages of Katrina and Rita.

Stoney Quarriman of UNPARC (the United Nations Prehistoric Refuge Center) in Nassau, The Bahamas, is shown explaining a strange device found embedded in the grave marker of the family patriarch Aarrggh Stone, thought to be the founder of the Flintstone family dynasty.

Carbon dating has placed the marker in the psuedoscine era ... around 4.5 billion years ago. The strange images presented on the device have convinced some at UNPARC the device is modified from remains of an interstellar craft which landed at the southeastern edge of the North American Platter sometime prior to the Big Freeze which occurred about 4.6 to 4.7 billion years ago as our young planet passed gas.

Christian fundamentalists have raised a tsunami of protest against the authenticity of this find, arguing carbon dating can't be trusted. Dr, I. T. Safaque of the Martha Stewart Institute for Creative Thinking has issued a press release stating that her antiquities department has examined the photo and is certain the chiseled letters on the Stone's stone were made with a 1963 Craftsman 99 cent "Bargain Box" chisel made by indigenous Southern California beach dwellers of abandoned Coca Cola cans. Naturalists refuse to respond to Safaque's claims saying only that what they do at Martha's Institute is not science and is unworthy of a comment.

More is expected to follow in an eon.

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