Friday, October 14, 2005

GODBLOG.CON '05 - Tonight's seminar worth ...

... the cost of the whole convention.

Seminar leader John Mark Reynolds presented his view of God-blogging as a tool to impact our culture for the Lord Jesus Christ.

His encouragement to view God-blogging as a bridge from the old media to the new, from the old technologies to the new, and to create within the God-blogosphere a hierarchy which will be both attractive to the secularist as well as beneficial to God-bloggers in reaching the lost for the Kingdom was spot on in my opinion.

Unfortunately, it is past my bedtime (I need my beauty sleep; really I do) and there is no way I can give Dr. Reynolds' presentation its due tonight ... suffice it to say you needed to be there!

So don't miss GodBlog Con '06!

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