Thursday, October 06, 2005


... to His rightful place persist.
Leaders of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship [a breakaway Southern Baptist group] may add a preamble to the organization’s constitution, restoring explicit references to Jesus Christ and the Great Commission deleted in July.
CBF took a lot of heat in July and August for removing references to Jesus and the "Go!" clause of the Believer's By-laws from their governing document. This is certainly a good sign from a group which has offered very few good signs.

On the one hand, my spirit grieves when an organization, claiming to be an august representative of the faith of our fathers, takes the name of the Lord in vain; on the other hand, my heart weeps when they retrace their steps only after pressure from outsiders.

However, my soul rejoices in the knowledge that they've done the right thing and corrected a grievious error.

One thing is for sure: man can remove Him from their schools, their prayers, their governments, their public observances, their entertainments, their homes, and their lives ... BUT THEY CANNOT MOVE HIM FROM HIS THRONE!

Praise the Name above all names, the name at which every knee will bow and tongue confess, the one name by which all men must be saved ... THE NAME JESUS!

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