Friday, October 28, 2005


... you two have woven; but you should take comfort in all the other idiots in Congress who signed on with you ... not to mention the Supremes who sang your song. This was predictable ...
In a decision issued yesterday, a Thurston County Superior Court judge ruled that editorial comment on the radio regarding issues of public importance can be considered reportable campaign contributions, in which case these comments would be subject to regulation under Washington State campaign finance law.

Free-speech advocates and media professionals are stunned by the decision, which marks the first time at either the state or federal level that a court has treated on-air editorial commentary as subject to campaign finance law regulations. Many feel the ruling sets a dangerous precedent.

William Maurer, executive director of the Washington Chapter of the Institute for Justice (IJ-WA), says his group will immediately file an appeal with the Washington Supreme Court. "This decision was wrong on the facts and wrong on the law," he asserts. "It must be overturned on appeal so that Washingtonians may freely access and discuss all political issues, even the ones the government does not want people to hear or talk about."

This shocking Superior Court ruling marks an "unprecedented expansion of campaign finance laws" into areas previously thought to fall under state and federal constitutional protection, Mauer says. Also, he warns that the judge's decision may provide politically motivated prosecutors with ammunition to threaten media voices with whom they disagree. [Jenni Parker; Agape Press]
Kelo revealed to the American people the danger of an activist court (loss of property rights); Rush Limbaugh has been warning the public about M-F every since it went to the senate floot (loss of free speech rights) ... God only knows what they'll take away next! Religious freedoms are clearly under attack by a court supported ACLU.

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