Friday, October 28, 2005


... a roll. Rhonda Vincent, a Missourian with a voice second only to Alison Krause, took female vocalist of the year for the sixth year running.

Vincent Album If you've not listened to contemporary Bluegrass, Vincent is a great place to start. If Gospel is your thing, try The Isaacs ... outstanding. Me, I like the oldies and golden stuff, with anything and everything thrown into my Bluegrass salad.
Upstart family group Cherryholmes received the Entertainer of the Year trophy. [...] Cherryholmes — a band composed of a father, mother and children ages 13 through 21 — was the first group in the history of these awards to be simultaneously nominated for prizes as Entertainer and Emerging Artist.
Cherryholmes Family BandLarry Sparks
They lost the Emerging award to The Grascals; while Larry Sparks took male vocalist and album of the year honors ... that album, 40, also took recorded event of the year.
As a Christian it's wonderful to listen to a genre of music which has kept itself pure and true to its roots of God, church, family, and country. Amazing!

If you listen to streaming music, click over to some blue sounds and give it a chance ... the shock wears off after the first ten songs ... seriously. Why the shock? Because your ears have been hardened by garbage with no melody and no story ... Bluegrass has that and more!

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