Thursday, October 27, 2005


... is clearly unacceptable.

The Culture of Death community has come up with a cure for Down Syndrome.
Now that prenatal tests are used to reveal potential genetic problems, parents are simply aborting babies that they judge to be defective. There has been a reduction of almost 90 percent in babies born with Down syndrome. They are simply being aborted.
Patricia E. Bauer, former reporter and bureau chief for The Washington Post, is the mother of Margaret, who was born with Down Syndrome and she is warning advances in prenatal technologies threaten ...
to undermine the very foundation of human dignity and to replace the sanctity of life with a sliding scale of “acceptable” human beings.
Al Mohler, in his Beyond the News piece, rightly warns ...
Once human dignity is redefined in terms of what is an “acceptable” and an “unacceptable” baby, it’s only a short jump to the argument that no one should be allowed to impose a “defective” baby on the society.
Our first grandchild, Lloryl, was born with CdLS (Cornelia de Lange Syndrome), a syndrome similar to DS. She needs a lot of care at this time but she'll grow out of most of her limitations; she'll be different, but she's special to all of us and is a blessing in so many ways. Lloryl has helped us all mature as heman beings and as believers.

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