Friday, October 21, 2005


... "signs of the times." Certainly, the signs are there, tempting us to wax prophetic about Jesus' soon Second Coming, but a tone of uncertainty and caution is always appreciated by this preacher.
Gospel for Asia founder K.P. Yohannan says the recent earthquake, hurricanes, and floods around the world could indeed point to the imminent rapture of Christ's church. That is why he urges believers to get serious about living sacrificially and reaching others for Christ -- before it is too late.

"Serving God, spending our life for Him, is not one of those necessary evils we latch onto," Yohannan says, "but this is the greatest privilege. And we should be eager to find any opportunity to get involved with things that last for eternity, because I think Jesus is coming back very, very soon."
This was written before the 6.5 earthquake in Japan today (actually tomorrow).

It behooves us to "be on the alert" for the signs of His coming. However, we should be on the alert regardless. I've always wondered why it takes signs to get believers' attention.

The point is we don't need to be fear mongers to encourage awareness of the biblical ramifications.

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