Monday, November 21, 2005


... and remains the CRIB's only Double E Award winner (Easy read and Excellent content). Mark Coffey is the chief blogger and reports this -
On November 21st, 2004, the online world changed forever. With only 127,835 options for online punditry, the public clamored for number 127,836 - and along came Decision '08. Here is an excerpt from that momentous first post, creatively titled "Welcome to my new blog" [...]

It's been a great first year. 300,000 + visitors, almost 2,500 posts (that's a little less than 7 a day, if you're counting) and, my favorite stat, over 8,200 comments. That means the most to me, because it means somewhere along the line, I've managed to engage or entertain a few people, and that's what it's really all about. I do this for me, sure, but I do it for you, too, because it's no fun to talk to myself (and my beagle, cute as she is, makes a lousy conversationalist).
If you're conservative and you like quick, even humorous, reads on the hottest political and social topics of the day, I can't recommend Mark and Decision '08 more than to say it is one of my most frequent sources ... read him, better yet subscribe to one of his feeds.

Happy birthday Mark and may 2006 find you on the very top of the heap!

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