Thursday, November 10, 2005


Comedian Steve Smith, is a special honors recipient at The Gemini Awards next week.

Someone will wonder what a Canadian comedian has to do with a California pastor's personal blog ... some day I hope my kids and grandkids find these mental burps and have a better idea of what the old man considered important ... Steve Smith (Red Green) is part of that story.
The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television will present Smith, best known as his alter ego Red Green, with the Earle Grey Award – the annual lifetime achievement honour recognizing an actor, actress or acting troupe for their body of work in television. [...]

Smith began his TV career with the award-winning sketch comedy series Smith & Smith, in which he starred with his wife, Morag. His later work included writing and producing shows such as Me & Max, The Comedy Mill and Laughing Matters.

Smith is now known for his popular Red Green Show, seen on the CBC in Canada and on public television in the U.S. After a 15-year run, the show – which Smith starred in, produced and co-wrote – filmed its final episode Saturday. The last episode will air in March.
My family gathers in the front room each Saturday night and shares in a good laugh from Smith's tongue in cheek comedy writing. We've not objected to the once in awhile seemy content ... though it's been increasing lately.

If you get a chance to catch the show or later reruns it's worth it!

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