Wednesday, November 23, 2005


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The New York Civil Liberties Union has filed a federal discrimination complaint against a Catholic school, charging that it unjustly fired an unmarried teacher for being pregnant. [...]

The 26-year-old preschool teacher was fired last month from St. Rose of Lima in Queens, according to published reports. The Diocese of Brooklyn also was named in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint.
First, we are all sinners (though some are saved by grace) ... not just young women who open their ears, their hearts, and their legs to some smooth talking slob who knows he can boogie if she gets pregnant! There ought to be a way to punish these sperm donors for the pain and suffering they've caused these women (and children).

Second, the diocese passed up a great public relations opportunity to minister to this young woman and the community. If they had taken her in and cared for her and done what the Lord Himself admonished us to do, to care for one another.

Consider Jesus treatment of the woman at the well, His treatment of the woman caught in adultery, and His narrative concerning the improperly titled "The Good Samaritan."

And, good grief, firing an unwed mother facing the arrival of a baby is unconcionable. What is to keep her from seeking an abortion under these circumstances?

Third, the Christian community has demonstrated two failures. The first is an historical failure: the abdication of responsiblity for the care of the puplic to the state. The second is not growing in the demonstrated love of God towards the down trodden. How else will the lost hear of God's offer of grace and mercy if we don't demonstrate it for them and to them?
"This is a difficult situation for every person involved, but the school had no choice but to follow the principles contained in the teachers' personnel handbook," diocese spokesman Frank DeRosa said in a statement.

The handbook said that each teacher must "convey the teachings of the Catholic faith by his or her words and actions."
God has a personnel handbook for the diocese, His Word. That handbook says each believer and agency of the church must convey the teachings of Christ Jesus by his or her words and actions. Hhhmmm, go figure!

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