Tuesday, November 01, 2005


... spinning in their sepulchers today. John said to Chuck, "Hey, bro, you as sick as I am?" Chuck replied, "Naw, just really dizzy!" George to both, "I wish this was over but it's not, so find something to hold on to!"
The highest court within the United Methodist Church defrocked a lesbian minister Monday for violating the denomination's ban on "self-avowed, practicing homosexual" clergy. [...]

A church panel ruled in December that the Rev. Irene "Beth" Stroud, 35, engaged in practices that the United Methodist Church has declared incompatible with Christian teachings. That decision was overturned by the Northeast Jurisdiction Committee on Appeals, but the Judicial Council on Monday backed the original ruling.

The Judicial Council ruled Monday that the appeals committee "erred in reversing and setting aside the verdict and penalty from Rev. Stroud's trial."
This is nothing to joke about but I can't bring myseld to cry! Methodists throughout the world are heartbroken about what has happened to their once great family of faith.

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