Saturday, January 28, 2006

ANGLICAN ANGST: Sweet and Sour, that's what's going on

... inside the ECUSA today.

David Virtue, an above the board, openly orthodox anglican, anti-homosexual with a conservative's view of scripture, wrote a powerful and eye-opening column on the implosion of the ECUSA (Episcopal Church USA).

If you are at all interested in the larger church in America, or in the decline of Mainline Denominations, this is a must read,
prophetic in its implications for the other mainliners (PCUSA, ELCA, ABA, et al).
Revisionism, that religion which refuses to believe in the unique character of Jesus Christ, his salvific message and atoning work, and the distinctive, exclusive claims of the Christian message is now so far gone from the Episcopal Church, that the cry of Moses must now be the cry of every orthodox priest, 'Let my People go'.
Virtue enumerates the ever increasing defections from and disaffections with the ECUSA in California, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. He says ...
In one diocese after another, parish rectors and their parishioners are quietly, and not so quietly, leaving the Episcopal Church.

In some cases the rector hands over the keys and checkbook and takes the vast majority of his congregation and begins again at a nearby hotel.
Virtue is of the opinion much of the fight from the revisionist camp now focuses on real estate ...
Property ownership trumps prophetic gospel proclamation for liberal and revisionist bishops, who believe that buildings matter more than the message being proclaimed inside them.

A sodomite bishop like V. Gene Robinson would sooner hear a message on sexual inclusion by his priests even if they cannot pay their assessment to the diocese, because for him, the all important thing is the 'new thing' God is doing in the church.
Those of us outside the diocesan form of organizational structure must remember it's the parishes that count not the diocese. For example ...
In the Diocese of Florida, an orthodox priest who has fled the diocese and its Bishop John Howard for greener spiritual African pastures, told VirtueOnline this week, that when it is all over, some 28 parishes and more than one third of the entire desire will have fled, with massive litigation over property ownership just waiting to be heard in the civil courts.
What's at the root of all this discord? What I and others have tried to warn people about for years ... if you let the homosexual hen and radical rooster bunk in your coop, the eggs they produce will birth creatures so evil and duplicitous you will not recognize them as fellow travelers.
Furthermore parents don't want their children infected with a pro-gay message that could ruin their lives and bring about early death from sodomite sexual experimentation.
Virtue adds ...
Wives of priests that I have spoken too are even more determined, some even angry that their husbands won't take a stand, and it doesn't take much arm-twisting for the husband/priest to get the message.
Hang in there Episcopal brothers and sisters, you got my prayers. Perhaps, the Lord willing, some day the Revisionist Bishops will hand the keys back to you.

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