Wednesday, January 25, 2006

COMMITMENT - What the carnal nature abhors!

Lord's name in vainWe've all seen those red-eye television commercials which say: "BUY NOW ... ONLY $19.95 ... BUY NOW AND GET ONE FREE! LIFETIME GUARANTEE, NO COMMITMENT -- NOW OR EVER!"

According to the results of a Barna Group survey (and others), many in the church think the gospel is like that ... "NO COMMITMENT -- NOW OR EVER!" They fail to grasp these two eternal truths:
(1) the Father created us so, as the potter owns the pot, He owns us;
(2) the Son, while we were still in our sins, gave His life as a ransom to rescue us.
God deserves our commitment and surrender; He is Lord and Master of the House and we're His servants [Luke 17:1-10].

Devotion to another comes through in-depth knowledge of that other. Many who go by the name of Christ know little if anything of the Lord they claim to serve. [See Deuteronomy 5:11 for the seriousness of this] How then, one must ask, can they behave in any other way than as they do?

You don't expect pigs to act like sheep just because you turned them out into the pasture do you?

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