Monday, January 30, 2006

IRAQ: Some good news from

... one of the Iraqi provinces which is determined to take control of its own country.
The Anbar tribes' campaign to rid the province of Zarqawi's terror organization, al-Qaeda in Iraq is in its 2nd day and so far, 270 Arab and foreign intruders have been arrested. [...]

Usama Jad'aan, the leader of Karabila tribes in Qaim told al-Hayat that "the operation will continue to eliminate terror elements according to a quality plan" and added "270 Arab and foreign intruders have been arrested, in addition to some Iraqis who were providing them shelter".
I know it's frustrating, considering the news we get from the MSM as they hide behind the walls in the "Green Zone" in Bhagdad ... but patience and longsuffering will pay off in the end.

Our men and women are the greatest fighting force in the history of mankind ... we owe them a debt of gratitude for the dent they've made in Iraq. And the patriotic Iragis deserve our respect ... they're dying every day too!

Read more >>> (Dar al-Hyat, in Arabic)

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