Tuesday, February 21, 2006

AMERICAN MILITARY: I saw some of the finest young people

... in America in the world this past weekend in Albuquerque.

My best friend's son, a graduate of the Naval Academy and a Lt. USN, married a beautiful young woman, also a Lt. USN. The groom was in his dress whites and was accompanied by two other academy graduates/friends.

Three marines also came along in their dress blues ... they are candidates for admission to Annapolis. Each had at least two tours in Iraq and had requested entrance into the Naval Academy. My friend's son was one of their pre-admissions instructors.

Fine young people, fine!

For those of you who have your heads screwed on right, you have every right to proud of the men and women serving this nation's people. Each one of these young men and the bride was the epitome of courteousness, graciousness, civility, and chivalry. They were also very proud to be Americans.


Interestingly, virtually all of them considered themselves to be believers ... though their choice of music and dance styles remind me of my heathen days.

My prayer is that their futures are filled with challenges they are uniquely qualified to face, that their friendships are enduring, that their commitments are undying, and that the LORD, our God, bless them each one in all that they do.

And LORD, if for some reason You see fit to put them in harm's way and call one or all of them home, may it be that it is on a hill worth dying on. AMEN.

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