Wednesday, February 22, 2006

CARTOON-ISTAN: Here is my final comment on this silly issue!

That is unless Muslims in North America rise up and begin killing non-Muslims and burning non-Muslim houses of worship.
In the wake of the Jyllands-Posten cartoon controversy, the Strand weighs in on freedom of speech and press in the student media.
They hypothetically asked should we or shouldn't we? Their decision was the linked article and the following cartoon ...

Cartoon, Christ, Islam, Muhammad
The thing that gets me is this: no one knows what Jesus or Muhammad looked like. So these cartoons are caricatures at worst and parodies at best. But every one knows, even if we knew what they looked like, the two would not be kissing!

I have to believe the general and primative ignorance of Muslims doesn't allow them to see these cartoons for what they are; thus an apparent absence of a sense of reality. This acts as a catalyst to their ignorance, leading to flaming, out of control passions.

So I'm content with the knowledge that Christians can view insulting depicitons of Jesus with indifference; the caricatures no more represent the God we know and love than snow represents sand! This represents my God ...

Easter, Empty Tomb, Resurrection
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