Wednesday, February 22, 2006

CHURCH: Blogotional had two exceptional posts on the Church yesterday.

The first post was "Loving The 'Unlovable' - What A Pile Of *&^$!" and correctly pointed out that the popular phrase "love the unloveable" is unbiblical and bigoted.

John says, since we're all "unloveable" we are divinely bound to love everyone ... to do otherwise would be to set up arbitrary human standards for who is loveable and who is not! Way to go John!

The second post was "Why Church and Politics Don't Mix" and the money quote from this is ...
Politics in America is the art of compromise, not principle, and it is the land of strange bedfellows. The church, on the other hand is an entity defined by and designed speifically to uphold principle. To do politics, simply because politics demands it, the church will have to compromise principle, and get into cahoots with people it would not normally want to go near.
Go on over there and read up on both posts, they're short and to the pooint!

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