Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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The Bible is always a good place to start ...

The Purple Pew: Leviticus, Homosexuality And The 'Holiness Code'
You'll find most liberal Christian writing attempts to counter conservative Christian interpretation of the sin of homosexuality in the Bible — speaking particularly of Levitcus 18:22 — by saying that Leviticus is merely part of the ancient 'Holiness Code' and therefore dismissing it altogether as not relevant.

The problem with this argument is that Leviticus 18 in particular talks about incest and beastiality, as well as sodomy - not homosexuality as (mis)interpreted by conservatives. What this means to most conservative Christians is that if liberals dismiss homosexuality as merely part of a 'Holiness Code', what other sins will they dismiss as 'old school' next? Incest? Beastiality?

Maybe this is why opponents of same sex marriage say that next on the agenda of liberals will be the right for people to marry their pets or other animals.

But Leviticus 18:22 shouldn’t be dismissed because it is part of the 'Holiness Code', or because we now eat shell fish and wear polyester, which is stated as sin in the "ancient" Code.

But Leviticus 18 and the verse 22 specifically should be interpreted within the context it is written.
HT: Writing Right

For those readers who look for quality referrals let me give the following a shout out ...

Best of the GodBlogs: February 28, 2006

BGB is one of the new kids on the block and is doing a great job of posting recommendations from God Bloggers, Today's offering has some good stuff. The next item was discovered there!

Disciple's Journal: News Subheads we'd all like to read
McLaren loses train of thought at Emerging symposium

And an always favorite blog of mine, Olasky's ...

WorldMag Blog: Is this fact a fact?
Our readers tend to debate vigorously any issue involving homosexuality, but let's see if there's anything we can agree on. Columnist Jennifer Roback Morse wrote yesterday that survey data of behavior show "homosexuality is not a well-defined phenomenon. It is a complex combination of behavior, attraction and self-identification.

For instance, the definitive University of Chicago study by Edward Laumann and colleagues, showed that only a minuscule less than one percent of the population have had exclusively same sex partners since puberty." The percentage of gay people in the population is greater than that because others may try out heteroxexual activities and then gravitate toware homosexuality. Is this not true?

And lastly a recommendation from a peer I have a great deal of respect for, Dan Edelen at

Cerulean Sanctum: Leonard Ravenhill
Matt Self over at The Gad(d)about, besides having the common sense to pick drums over all other musical instruments, also has the brains to quote Leonard Ravenhill. Good for Matt. The American Church needs to hear more Ravenhill.

If you haven't been around Cerulean Sanctum very long, you'll get to know Ravenhill soon enough. He and A.W. Tozer are the "patron saints" of this blog. No one in the last century wrote blistering words like Tozer and no one preached with more fire than Ravenhill. That they were friends in real life is the icing on the cake.

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