Friday, February 10, 2006

HERESY: I believe in calling a spade a spade

... and Carlton Pearson is a heretic ... at least it's no news among those in family of authentic Christian belivers.

Why he stayed in a relationship with us for so long is the real question. He never hid his abberant teachings and it cost him his relationships and his church facilities ... and unless repented of it's going to cost him much, much more!. You do have to admire his convictions but his teachings, a spiritual cancer, were
settled in the faith long ago.

Christianity Today reports in their February issue ...
Pearson, a high-profile pastor who lost 90 percent of his church's 5,000 members after publicly teaching that everyone will eventually be saved, held the final service in his church building on New Year's Eve.

With its property lost in foreclosure and sold to an investment company, Higher Dimensions Family Church now meets as New Dimensions Worship Center on Sunday afternoons at an Episcopal church.
That certain to help!
Higher Dimensions, founded by Pearson in 1981, was one of Tulsa, Oklahoma's largest and most prosperous churches. Its high-energy, sharply dressed pastor appeared regularly on the Trinity Broadcasting Network ... .
That TBN association should have been a warning from the get-go!
Higher Dimensions accepted an invitation to worship at Trinity Episcopal Church, Tulsa's flagship Episcopal church with 1,600 members. The Rev. Stephen McKee, Trinity rector, said he is comfortable with Pearson's gospel of inclusion. "I have difficulty believing in a God that's going to put my colleagues in hell."

Pearson said the two men may have some theological differences, but "Father McKee and I are pretty much on the same page."
You're pretty much going to end up in the same place by my reckoning ... then I'm not the Judge of judges am I? I heaerd that, "Thank God!" Someone get her name!

Long ago I learned from another heretic you can change the label on the bottle to anything you want, you can call it Kook-Aid if you want ... but the cyanide in the bottle is still poison. Episcopal or Church of God in Christ false teaching is still false teaching and supports another gospel which is not Good News at all.

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