Tuesday, February 21, 2006

LDS DNA: This LA Times link is to an above the fold report

... last week on questions raised by DNA test results and the LDS (Mormons).

The controversy surrounds claims in The Book of Mormon; Another Testament to Jesus Christ, and elsewhere, that Native North and South Americans are direct descendants of the twelve sons of Jacob (aka Israel; apologies to LDS readers if I don't state that exactly right).

My Alliance buddies have posted on this issue at Cheat Seeking Missiles, Blogotional, and The Hedgehog Blog. CSM raised, but did not explicitly answer, an interesting question ...
What if Christ's blood were found on some relic in an ancient church, tested, and found to be 100% human?
Blogotional answers the question this way ...
Gosh, I hope so! After all, our theology would demand it. You see orthodox Christianity holds that Christ is fully human and fully divine. That means that Christ's DNA would simply be perfectly human.
In the comments at CSM I initially answered much the same way ...
... it would prove nothing except John 1:14, "The Word became flesh."
On second thought, I see we were all wrong. If Christ's blood were found to be "fully human" Christianity would be between the proverbial hard place and The Rock of faith.

You see if Christ's blood were found to be "fully human" it would mean, by default, that Jesus was born with the agency of a human father, something the Scriptures don't allow. If Mary conceived Jesus by the Holy Spirit coming upon her, Christ's DNA would show only Mary's DNA and not that of a human father (see fouth paragraph in linked article).

On the chance the Holy Spirit's miraculous impregnation of young Mary did leave a DNA footprint I have no way of suggesting what it would be like, but it would not be human!

This is a fascinating episode in the life of faith; I believe the Latter Day Saints have a real problem on their hands, as for Christians ... any whole DNA footprint that includes both a mother's and a father's DNA might cause me to question the sample, but never my faith. For my faith is in Jesus Christ and His righteousness and nothing else.

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