Monday, February 13, 2006

NATIVE AMERICANS: White-brother-that-kills-me-again!

How often will the white man use his leveraged position in this nation to abuse Native American peoples? D__n it, this has to stop!

If there isn't a law I will vote for one to sue the h__l out of this jerk, his publicists, and his publishers ... and his supporters if at all possible - retroactively. Man this ticks me off!
Another Indian impersonator is unmasked: Nasdijj, who masqueraded as a Navajo and made a pile of money from best-selling books about his life as a poor reservation kid with an alcoholic mother.

It turns out that Nasdijj is a very white man with some very dark secrets. He really is Tim Barrus of North Carolina. He did not grow up on or near any Indian territory. Neither parent is Navajo or Indian of any nation. His mother was not a drunken Navajo.
I can just see the psychobabblists, the academics, the social engineers, and the leftist think tanks falling all over this fraud.
NavajoNative people who read Nasdijj's work did not believe he was a Native writer because there was nothing familiar about the content. Non-Natives embraced his work because of its familiarity - it "derives its special power from his ability to capture the universal emotions that we all share," as one book cover put it.

It is this very familiarity that allows pseudo-Indians to rise so far so fast in circles controlled by non-Indians. They write with what non-Indian reviewers like to call "universal appeal," meaning that they appeal to other non-Indians because they are non-Indian.

Once these pseudo-Indians are revealed as the non-Indians they actually are, many of their enablers continue to support them, even chiding those who have brought the hoax to light as mean-spirited, small-minded or jealous.

And what happens to the posers? Like actors who've deep-ended in their roles, they either hold on to their fictionalized personae until the laughing dies down and then adopt a "so what" attitude - so what if I'm not actually an Indian? I'm now an Indian expert by virtue of having portrayed an Indian - or they shift into another shape to please a new audience.
I understand there's a gay association with this fake.
Nasdijj's true identity was exposed by Matthew Fleischer in an extensive article in LA Weekly's Jan. 25 issue, "Navahoax," which asked the question: "Did a struggling white writer of gay erotica become one of multicultural literature's most celebrated memoirists - by passing himself off as Native American?"
That makes me double mad! The Lord says, "Be angry, and yet do not sin." So I'd better stop before I do some serious sinning. This idiot has a blog ... go there and tell him what a jerk he is!

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