Friday, March 17, 2006

ANGLICAN ANGST: The continued Anglican side show reminds me of

... the old "Laugh In" shows when one of the dancers did the limbo, "How low can she go?"

I guess only God knows for sure.
An Anglican clergywoman in a long-term, same-sex relationship is set to become the first lesbian bishop, causing uproar among traditionalists. The evangelical wing of the worldwide Anglican Communion has said that the election of the Rev Bonnie Perry will lead to the "unravelling" of the Church. [...]

The selection of Miss Perry is highly controversial because the Anglican Communion believes that the ordination of actively gay clergy is incompatible with scripture. The Church of England does not even recognise female bishops.
Does anyone really care? The ball in this game started rolling down hill decades ago. The inertia now accumulated would take an act of God to stop. Does anyone really think He is about too?

Personally the rebellious communions look much like the North Koreans and the Arabs ... agree to anything but keep moving forward ... only in the religious realm.

Two things are for certain: the God I believe in and trust ...
1.) loves Anglicans more than they can evidently comprehend
2.) and He will not be mocked!
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